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>> >> > i have a n70 locked to orange i contacted orange and would unlock it
>> >> but
>> >> > they need to know "my" orange telephone number, so they can direct
>> >> > me
>> >> to
>> >> > their unlocking department.. the thing i i dont have a orange number
>> >> and
>> >> > dont have orange simcard.. i jst need to confirm my orange number
>> >> with
>> >> > them.. so that i can get my n70 unlocked
>> >>
>> >> They will only provide an unlock code for the original purchaser.
>> >> Unless
>> >> you can prove that you're the original purchaser (or extremely lucky)
>> >> then
>> >> you're SOL.
>> >>
>> >
>> > well thats the problem, i am in US and to use a orange simcard and
>> > activate a n orange simcard , dont i need to be where there is a signal
>> > for that simcard..

>> Then you're out of luck. Although you may be able to activate the SIM

> card
>> in the USA, unless you were the original purchaser of the phone (i.e. you
>> didn't buy it second-hand) then they won't unlock it.

> There is a way Richard,
> When registering the orange sim card you can give them the IMEI of the
> N70 -
> and then a week later down the line you can ask them for it unlocking.
> We have done this a few times - but be aware you will have to pay a small
> fee to orange unless you have a good enough reason, e.g - your going
> overseas to visit friends and family and wish to use the phone back on
> orange when you return - but when away you wish to use a different sim.
> Sometimes they will buy it and give you the code for free - but not
> always.

You learn something new every day. Every time I've seen it tried, Orange
insist that they will only provide unlock codes to the original purchaser of
the handset. Also, I've never known them not to charge for providing codes
but it wouldn't surprise me that different tubbies provide a different level
of service.

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this was the excuse i gave them
"i have a nokia n70 it is from orange uk network,,, now it is
stuck on dual band mode , and i cannot switch it to gsm mode i dont have
a orange sincard with me...and i cannot use any other sim with it... ho
am i suppose to use this phone abroad..if i cant use other sim and
switch it from dual band to gsm band ,,, when my phone says its offline and
i cant use any sim on it"

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