Has anyone with a Nokia 6650 and a HDW-2 tried to use the two together
on the Three network? The two things work together with a 2G Orange
SIM card but put a Three 3G USIM card in and it doesn't work. The
headset connects to the handset but it doesn't go into headset mode.
The phone reports the headset as being the current active device.

I have tried 3 different USIM's but none of them allow the headset to

Also, I have downloaded the Reqwireless web viewer so that I can
attempt to view the 3G content, i.e. Football, etc (as the in built
wap browser can't handle Three's web pages). Has anyone got the
settings for the GPRS? I have the mms settings in at the moment but I
think the IP address is wrong as it just sits at the connecting
screen. (The browser works on Orange).

Thanks for your replies.


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