I've been synchronizing my Outlook Calendar with Nokia 6100 (PC Suite
5.1) through infrared, and otherwise it works ok but for some items on
the calender the PC suite logs say that they are not synched because
"the pattern is incompatible with mobile phone" or something like
that. So now I am missing some of the calendar entries from my phone

I'm not quite sure which are the calendar items that it skips, but it
seems that they are then ones which have an unusual recurrence, for
example "every second day" or "every two weeks" or "Mon Wed Fri every
week". It may also be related if the organizer updates such recurring

Individual one-time entries and others like "every day" or "every
week" seem to be synched ok. And when I sync Outlook with a Color
Communicator (9210i), it doesn't have the same problem, everything is
synchronized ok to the 9210i.

Is this merely an issue with the lower memory of 6100, or why doesn't
it support this like 9210i does? If PC Suite can't transfer that kind
of recurring items, why doesn't it simply break up the items per week
and add them to the phone as individual items? Ie. it sees that during
next week there is a meeting (which is part of a recurring item), and
then just adds it separately to the phone for that week?

Are there any alternatives to PC Suite that can handle the calendar
sync completely, or is it something that can't just be done with 6100?

Which other Nokia phones (smaller ones like 6100) support all
recurring calendar appointments just like 9210i?


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