Hi all,

I have seen a few reviews here and on some webpages of the Jabra BT300,
nokia HDW-2 and Ericsson HBH200... , outlining different pro's and cons. And
now I see a new HS-4W announced for Q2-04. On the whole however I was
wondering how the sound quality (particularly what the other party hears) of
bluetooth sets compared to the simple nokia earpiece with wire and
mike-in-the-wire (HDC-8L/HS-5/HDC-5/HDC-9P). The reason of my concern is
that the mike of the bluetooth sets is generally some distance away from
your mouth and as I would most frequently use the bluetooth set in the car
would be worried about it picking up too much external noise. Can anyone
comment on the sound quality difference between bluetooth or wire as heard
by the other party?

Many thanks,


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