Hey, im sure this has been asked before but has anyone here ever figured
out a way to get the 8110 to autoslide? If so, can you supply any details?

Also, i have an 8110 here in the USA. I know its on GSM 900, and here where
i am, Cincinnati Bell/AT&T wireless just launched this huge GSM campaign
with ericsson and thier edge software.

Ive talked to Nokia, Cincinnati Bell, and AT&T, and they swear that one of
the frequencies they now use is 900. A lot of other people say this is

The phone is unlocked and att says if i put in a sim card it will work here
in the USA.

1. does this sound like bull****? i dont wanna go buy a sim card for

2. if it does work, is this SIM card gonna freeze the phone? Is it gonna be
OK with the UK phone software?

Im just looking for advice and suggestions.

3. If it does freeze the phone, is it possibel to flash or upgrade it at
all? Cuz it wa never made here in the US.

Thanks for any help!


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