Hi all, I'm new to the world of Nokia but am just starting to appreciate
some of the finer functions of the phone.
Just a couple of questions to start off if I may :-
1) The voice dial seems a bit limited (compared to the Sony Erickson for
example). I've just downloaded some software from www.neuvoice.com which
seems quite effective but can anyone point me to some free software which
gives a bit more functionality to voice dial?
2) After a bit of wrestling (emotional) to get the PC Suite up and running
and synchronisation with outlook contacts, all my contacts are now displayed
by full name instead of the "file as" description. Has anyone got any tips
for getting round this, I'd rather not see my Nan as Doris Winifred!
Anyway thanks for any help, flame if you feel the need.
P.S. silly one this - how do I change the wallpaper, I must be missing
something but I can't see where?
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