Hi everyone,

I've got the following proglem with nokia 6310i: When some missed
called arrived the phone shows a scen with nu,mber of missed calls. At
this moment voice dialing facility is blocked. Phone waits until you
press OK button.

I've got this CK-1W wireless bluetooth kar kit. When I drive and the
phone is in my pocket it's enough for one missed call to arrive to
block the possibility for me to dial the with the car kit. I can come
to the car with "missed calls" screen already in my phone and it will
register with hte car kit tip top, but when I try to dial nothing
happens. I have to explicitly take the phone in my hand and press the
OK button to go out of missed calls screen to be able to use voice

It's possible to reproduce the problem even without the car kit. Just
make a long press with "lower volume" button when the missed calls
screen is on. Nothing happens. When you do that in normal mode phone
activates voice dialing.

The this bug is very annoying when you use bluetooth car kit or
bluetooth headset.

Did anyone else experience the same problem?
How can I get rid of it?
The version of my software is 5.51

POst your replies

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