although my nokia 3360 phone can hold 60 text characters (including
spaces) in the address field when I enter them directly via the phones
keypad, I can only get a maximum of 30 characters (including spaces) to
transfer from my PC to the phone using the phone sync feature of Nokia's
PC Suite v4.1 and an infrared connection with a laptop running Windows
2000. I maintain my contacts list in the Windows Address book, but
recently experimented with Lotus Organizer version 97GS/4.1 and ran into
the same problem - thus it appears to be a problem with PC Suite v4.1 or
my phone.

my questions:
1) can anyone who has run into the same (or similar) problem suggest a
solution that has worked for them?

2) has anyone run into this problem with the Nokia 6360, which I am
considering upgrading to because of the larger memory for contacts (500
vs. 200 contacts in the 3360) and the calendar features (which don't
exist in the 3360)?

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