We can suggest to use Oxygen Phone Manager II ( http://www.opm-2.com ). It
is much more stable and much more advanced, than Nokia PC Suite software.
You can download the trial version of OPM-II here:

PS: Don't forget to disable Nokia Connection Manager before using Oxygen
Phone Manager II!

Feel free to contact our technical support service directly, if you will
encounter any problems concerning program's functionality and/or
registration process!
With best regards! Maxim Vyalkov
Oxygen Software technical support dpt.
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Hello, Leo!
You wrote in conference alt.cellular.nokia on Mon, 15 Dec 2003 05:15:59 GMT
from address [email protected]:

>Hi there,

>I have a Nokia 5100 and Windows 2000. I just downloaded and installed
>Suite 5 from Nokia website but couldn't get the connection (via
>IR) working.

>The symtoms are these:
>* The Connection Manager detects and shows the phone model correctly
>* But, *ALL* other apps in the suite can't see the phone! Those include
>application installer, PC sync, and others.

>Am I missing anything? How come only the connection manager can see the
>phone? I will be delighted someone can help me out.

>Additional info:
>- nothing else using the IR port
>- someone has already uploaded files onto the phone successfully, so
>connection should work

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