We can offer our product- Oxygen Phone Manager II for this purposes. You can
make an archive for all of your data and then restore these to anther phone.
Our program fully supports Nokia 7250 and 7250i phones with cable or
infrared port. You can learn more about our product here:

Link for the trial version download: http://www.opm-2.com/download/opm2.zip

Feel free to contact our technical support service directly, if you will
encounter any problems concerning program's functionality and/or
registration process!
With best regards! Maxim Vyalkov
Oxygen Software technical support dpt.
Oxygen Phone Manager II - all you want from your Nokia

Hello, Paul Cotgrave!
You wrote in conference alt.cellular.nokia on Wed, 24 Dec 2003
18:30:39 -0000 from address [email protected]:

>Hi, i'm looking for information where i can find out how to transfer
>information from a Nokia 7250 to a 7250i. I have Nokia PC Suite 5, and
>managed to transfer details such as contacts and text messages from
>Phone to
>PC, but i can't manage to be able to connect phone to phone, or info
>phone to pc, then to phone.

>Is it that the 7250 is not compatible for data tranfer to the 7250i, as
>trying to do it via infrared on the the phone ports, but so far have

>If anyone can give me any pointers/advice, please reply a post...


>Paul C

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