Paolo Casaschi wrote:

> I tried buying Deep Pocket Chess for my new Nokia 6100,
> but the software seller, after accepting the order, did
> not deliver the sw because they said it was not working on
> the 6100.

So far we have not found a single Nokia Series 40 phone,
i.e., a Nokia phone with a color display of 128x128, unable
to run our software. I believe that you can rather safely
lie the software seller that you have a Nokia 7210 (if they
sell our game for that) and then download it by using your
6100. At least Nokia's global softwaremarket and seem to be selling our game specifically
for Nokia 6100, and also the S40 version that is for sale at
Handango should work as well.

I hope you get our chess game downloaded and have loads of
fun with it.

best regards,

Jyrki Alakuijala
Numeric Garden Ltd.

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