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    Angry Al
    Having bought this mobile for my son, after 2 hour working on
    Christmas day it switched off and has since displayed "phone
    restricted" even though it is not.

    Despite calls to the supplier (Carphone Warehouse) and an unanswered
    email to Nokia, it still remains the same. I can get my money back,
    but my son likes this phone however they have none left.

    I note there is no help from Nokia in the manual and no obvious email

    Anyone help, please.......

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    Even I am facing the same problem. It was working fine until I switched off today and it is now displaying "Phone Restricted"
    What the hell has happened? Can anyone please help.

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    I have the same reason. exept I got it doing that after 5 attempts of the unlock code. I can't undo mine as it is "fully" locked. however I may be able to sort out yours:

    e-mail me the make, model and IMEI number of the phone. I have advanced software for this occasion.

    ps. to get the IMEI number, dial *#06# on the phone and it will appear

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