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    Re: Common CDMA myths exposed

    JRW wrote:
    > As in MY case, I suddenly started lossing the signal all together.
    > Over the course of seveal months, I was getting more and more
    > dropped calls. It was not my handset, it was duplicated on four
    > other handsets of different models and manufactures. The problem
    > still continues and is worse after nine in the evening.

    Its a moot point. Company gave me a new Cingular phone and I'll be
    dropping Sprint in January and switch two lines over to Cingular
    as its the only service (besides nHexHell) that has a point of
    presence (local numbers)in the area I need one of my phones.

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    Re: Common CDMA myths exposed

    SumYungGuy wrote:

    > JRW,
    > If that's what's happening where you live either there is a hardware
    > problem at the BTS or the RF engineer really screwed the pooch there.

    Drove around in Little Elm today. Didn't see Justin around. Didn't
    see anything signal on my Sanyo 4900 either. He lives in the proverbial
    cellphone suck hole vortex. Similar to the Frisbee (tm) car suck or
    roof suck phenomena.

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    Re: Common CDMA myths exposed

    DSL GURU wrote:
    >>I'll be dropping Sprint in January and switch two lines > over to Cingular

    > Sorry we couldn't see you carry this through to a conclusion at SprintPCS to
    > see if the "improved" Customer Service at Sprint could have resolved your
    > problem, or if it would have been the same cruel games they pulled on Justin in
    > August.

    I *might* stay, if they resolve my signal problem and a better (more
    compatitive rate plan).

    If I posted this in another thread.......

    My one year contract is up in January and I'm considering Cingular
    because of the coverage I need. In the areas I spend all my time
    during weekdays, my Sanyo 4900 jumps in and out of Analog mode;
    which is to be expected as according to the coverage maps, I'm
    off the network.

    I have two phones (3G Vision and 2G), PCS-to-PCS, and 500
    minutes - so I'm paying $85 a month (not counting taxes).

    I suspect they will offer me A) 700 or 1,000 minutes - which would
    be useless to me as I usually have 100-200 minutes left over each
    monht, B) night-time minutes starting at 7:00 PM - which would
    be useless to me as I rarely use my phone before nine and mostly
    on weekends, or C) Free & Clear roaming - that would be usefull,
    I don't have it now, but may replace my PCS-to-PCS calling with it.

    So there's really no discounted offer improvements they can offer
    me to be competitive with Cingular which would cost me $50 a month.
    Short of giving me free Vision, free F&C, and halfing the cost of
    my second line, I can't see anyway they can keep me.

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