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    Hi, I am wondering if I can use the phone in Tecate, Mexico. Either by
    Sprint or roaming. Thanks!

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    Re: Coverage in Tecate, Mexico?

    On their web site Sprint lists:
    Mexico City
    Nuevo Lardo
    as places where Sprint phones may roam.

    With Tecate not listed it is likely GSM territory. Thus if you will be there
    any length of time a local rental would be cheapest.

    Tecate web page says:
    If you take your phone with you, make sure to call your provider and ask if
    they have a recipical with either Baja Celular (Baja only) or TelCel (all of
    Mexico), if so tell them that you want your phone unblocked for Mexico so you
    can roam and use it. You also can get your GSM digital or any other Cel-phone
    activated in Baja for very litle and can than use and buy prepaid cards to use
    it in Baja. (Most phones can be activated for 2 services.) If you have prepaid
    service in the US or Baja it will only work in the country were you did
    activate it.

    SprintPCS says:

    PCS International Roaming

    Sprint gives you the ability to make and receive calls internationally while
    maintaining your PCS Phone Number. Sprint provides coverage in more than 130
    countries. By activating PCS International Roaming, calls to your PCS Phone
    Number will be delivered to you. The charges for the calls you make and receive
    will appear on your monthly PCS Invoice. And, since Sprint doesn't charge long
    distance for incoming calls, using your regular PCS Phone Number while abroad
    is affordable.
    There are three different types of roaming possibilities when you roam
    internationally. To determine which roaming solution best meets your needs, you
    will need to:
    1. Locate the country or countries you will be visiting while traveling
    2. Determine the type of roaming used in that country: PCS, GSM, or PDC.
    3. Review the Compatible Phones section for information about the type of
    roaming and determine if you need to purchase or lease a phone in order to roam
    in that country.

    Prior to using international roaming, you will need to contact the PCS
    International Roaming Team at 1-888-226-7212 to authorize your phone for
    international roaming. Also, some countries require the use of a special code
    or Personal Identification Number (PIN) to allow international roaming. Once
    you have signed up for PCS International Roaming, your PIN will be provided to
    you prior to your departure.

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