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    Joe Gill
    There are a lot of postings in this group about good PCS service / bad PCS
    service . Good PCS phones, bad PCS phones, Good CS experiences, bad CS
    experiences, etc. etc. etc.

    Remember for each one of these, you can find similar pairs of stories in the
    other groups....

    But all of the stories have to be evaluated in terms of where YOU use the
    phone and the phone YOU have and YOUR service.

    Just because someone says PHONE A on SERVICE B works good in CITY C and you
    live in CITY C, you should not run out and switch to PHONE A on SERVICE B.
    Environmentals may be the issue.

    The converse is also true. Before switching to Sprint, try to get a good
    reading on PHONE you want at the locations you want....

    My experience:

    I started out with a Samsung 3500 on Sprint
    Lousy service at home... Fail to connect, dropped calls etc etc etc...
    Sprint put up a new tower......
    Better service.... Connected most of the time... Still dropping some
    calls...some static
    Switch to Sanyo 5300
    Almost nil dropped calls, clear as a bell..

    To me, it's the 'total picture'!

    See More: Before you switch - Consider YOU!

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    Re: Before you switch - Consider YOU!

    > Good CS experiences, bad CS
    > experiences, etc. etc. etc.

    A bad CS experience may or may not be a valid reason for switching. JD Power
    rated the carriers for Customer Service. So dont make like all carriers are the

    > Almost nil dropped calls

    If one is getting dropped calls that may be a reason to switch. Except for a
    known deadzone, I get no dropped calls with SprintPCS, so I put up with the
    lousy Customer Service.

    2. PRICE
    3. PHONES
    4. Customer Service

    Is the order I think what people should consider, and many folks put up with
    imperfect coverage because they have a good price per minute plan. Some folks
    need as close to perfect coverage for their business as they can get and price
    is no object. Other folks decide they want a specific phone, so they go with
    the carrier that has the phone they want. Kyocera 7135, or Samsung i500 or Sony
    T600 series, if you must have a specific phone it limits your choice of
    carriers. Other folks have had a billing snafu or a bad customer service
    experience and want to switch to demonstrate their displeasure by voting with
    their feet; and in some cases (ie Justin) they go from one bad situation to
    another (he found Verizon coverage also as poor as SprintPCS in his area so he
    ended up with AT&T). My son had myriad dead zones around Los Angeles with
    Sprint so he switched to AT&T. They got his bill wrong every month (although
    gave him ample credits), and he got tired of having to call in EVERY month, so
    then he went to Verizon, and he's happy there.
    Now carriers offer extra minutes within their own system, and that can change
    your econmics if your parents or children already have such a carrier.
    Everyone's geography, economics and needs and expectations are different, and
    no one carrier is the answer for everyone. Luckily we have 5 or 6 or 7 carriers
    available almost everyplace. Possibly that will decrease in the coming years.

    In conclusion, Total picture may not be appropriate if one of the factors I
    listed is of especial importance to someone.

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