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    John Hooker
    Any help out there for this question: starting two days ago, my
    Hitachi G1000 stopped ringing when an incoming phone call comes. Now,
    the units sits quietly until I touch a button, then it "wakes up" and
    chimes for a missed call and voicemail all at once.
    I had installed Animated Today trial version and Macromedia Flash
    software around the time the problem started, but I already removed
    the Animated Today and that didn't help. I can try removing the Flash
    too and see if that makes a difference.
    Any suggestions of what to try or where to look will be appreciated.

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    Re: Hitachi G1000 doesn't ring

    Sounds like you naswered your own question. Remove FLASH. If that doesn't fix
    things, a cold boot, wiping memory may be in order.

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