Which Sprint PCS phone has the fastest modem speed when hooked up to a
laptop computer using Sprint PCS vision? Please go to www.toast.net,
test your modem connection speed, and post your results. Here is my
result for the Samsung A500. Please feel free to post the result for
any pcs vision phone that's capable of being hooked up to a desktop or
laptop computer. Post your phone model, the type of software and it's
version that you are using to make the dial up connection, such Sprint
Connection Manager 1.0 or 2.0, Dial 3.0, Snap Dial, or other? I'm
especially interested in the results for the P300, A600, VGA1000,
Sanyo 5300, 8100, 7200, 5400, and 5500. Feel to post the results for
any other phones that you like. Please use the following criteria to
make the results more objective and reliable.

1. From the "Start" menu, select "Run" put in " ping www.yahoo.com -n
1 t " and select OK. This keeps your vision connection from "timing
out", also known as disconnecting.

2. Open Internet Explorer

3. Go to Toast.net

4. Select FREE PERFORMANCE TEST on the main page

5. Select "Both Image & Text" (754k)

6. Select Toast.net, then Run Test!

7. Do the same EXACT test for two more web host site, Polar Comm, and
Sunbeach; from the Toast.net Performance Test

8. Post your speed result for each of the (Toast.net, Polar Comm, and
Sunbeach) three web hosts.

Here is my result for the Samsung A500, hooked up to a Window XP
laptop, using Sprint PCS Connection Manager 2.0

1. 157K for Toat.net
2. 169K for Polar Comm
3. 197K for Sunbeach

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