Matt wrote:

> I just activated a Samsung VGA1000 (A720) camera phone. I have vision
> enabled and working fine. I have tried downloading a few ringers and
> screensavers from various locations. All the midi ringers download and work
> fine, but when I try to intall an truevoice (purevoice) type ringer, it
> gives me an error #905 "attribute mismatch" What does this mean? Any
> fixes? The phones specs say that it is capable of handling these type of
> ringers, the same goes for animated screensavers. When I try to download
> one and install it, I get an error about needing a "handler" for this file
> type. When I click OK, it takes me to a vision game download page. Where
> can I find this handler?
> or other fix?
> any help is greatly appreciated.
> thanks,
> Matt

I don't think your phone supports animated gif screensavers. I've made a
few CMX animations, but I've not found a way to set them as a
screensaver. Look into ktpic - google is your friend.

I've had a few upload sites choke on the qcp files. I know that
have worked for me.

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