First, I believe that the employees of any company are a reflection of
that company. If an employee is not completely straight forward and
clear when selling an item or a service, then the company is to blame.

I recently bought a phone and service at the SprintPCS Store in
Dearborn, MI and found some major discrepancies in what I thought I had
purchased and what, in fact, I received. Now you can say "shame on me"
for not reading the contract before signing, but a 2 inch wide contract
with abbreviations and code numbers that is over 3 feet long is hard to

I checked my account on the web and found out that I was being charged
for "PCS Free and Clear America" and "PCS Equipment Replacement Program"
when I only wanted the standard "PCS Free and Clear" and no insurance.
Furthermore, I agreed to pay an additional $5/mo for 7:00 PM Night start
time, but the web page still say 9:00 PM start time. (Of course
"Offpeak 7PM Attach" obviously means that I got what I asked for.

I know the difference is only $9/mo additional, but it was not what I
thought I was buying when I walked out of the door. It took me over 1
hour to get my service changed and credit for the first months charges.

Let the buyer beware !

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