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    We signed up for SprintPCS on December 9th, with one phone. One week later,
    we decided to add another phone, and change plans. Our first bill came
    (which was for service on the original first phone, from 9 December - 11
    December, and our next full month of service; including activation fee for
    that phone). That bill was $117 and some change.

    We checked the webpage and noted that it showed that there is a Spending
    Limit of $200.00. At that time, it showed that the balance was the $117.00
    and the Credit Used was also the same amount, and Credit Remaining was
    $83.00 - that was fine.

    When we added the second phone however, and changed plans, the Credit Used
    changed to 174.52, with the balance owed still being 117.00.

    We called CS and were told that (I guess) the 174.52 was our new balance
    (not really our new balance, but I guess what our new balance would be, so
    to speak, given the plan change, and so forth) -- I understand that with
    changing plans and all that, it would in fact change the amount owed and so

    Anyhow, instead of paying the $117, we decided to pay $180.00 (just to be
    safe, since we don't want to get the phones shut off, given it's at a
    $200.00 spending limit)...

    Anyhow, a few days later, it shows the credit used as
    -5.48, and our balance as -62 and some change (more or less), since we'd
    overpaid over the original 117 dollar amount 'owed'.

    Anyhow, to get to the point ; our account now shows (about one week after
    this 180.00 payment) that the amount used is like 50.42, and the credit
    remaining is 149.58.

    I don't see how any other charges could have been added to the account, in a
    matter of one week. We have downloaded no ringtones, no games, no
    applications, no wallpapers, or anything.

    I emailed CS and they gave me some form letter response, explaining what the
    Credit Limit is, and how it works, and so forth, but completely disregarding
    my question -- "How is it that the "Credit Used" amount keeps going up"

    I've asked around, and have been given many different answers; one being
    that with a shared plan, the minutes used on the second phone are all
    'charged' minutes (meaning every minute used, is computed at a 'cost per
    minute' ; and then when the bill is cut, it computes itself back to the
    correct amount due)... Is this in fact true, or is there some other factor
    contributing to this?

    I'm trying first and foremost, to avoid hitting that $200.00 limit, and
    having the phone shut off, but to have to pay $100.00 every (what it's
    appearing to boil down to) every two weeks (thus, paying my bill before my
    bills even here), is a little ridiculous.

    I just want to make sure I'm not getting charges for someone else's use, or
    something along those lines.

    Can anyone shed some light on this scenario? I'm hoping the scenario I
    mentioned is in fact more credible than it sounds, as if it isn't, I'm
    starting to believe something major is setup wrong and tacking money onto
    our account daily.

    The account is paid in full thru Jan 6 (bill was 117, and we paid 180, to
    offset pro-rating and the 'new balance' of 174) so I'd be assuming that
    would have left us with some credit, thus negating the possibility of having
    any "Credit Used" reflected.

    Hopefully someone can help me.

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    Jack Patteeuw

    Re: Account Spending Limit Questions

    The short answer is, never trust what you see on the web. Make certain
    you are set up for detailed billing (no charge). That is all you can
    believe and even then not always (My daughter changed her phone number
    to a different area code and was told there would be "no charge". Ha !
    $100 on the next bill. CS said we should pay the bill so that there
    was no "credit" problems and they would credit the account for the
    following month. Yeah, sure, keep my $100, when the average bill was
    less than $50/month !)

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