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    Desert Rat
    RexYBlue <[email protected]> wrote in message news:<[email protected]>...

    > >You need to get the drivers first and install them on your laptop. Once you
    > >have, plug in your phone, then the USB port. Your laptop will recognize a
    > >new device. Install it, pointing to the drivers you previously installed.
    > >Then set up a new dial up. Plug in #777 as the number to call and leave the
    > >user name and password fields empty.

    > And, do not waste money on SnapDialer. It just isn't necessary. If
    > SnapSync and SnapDialer are bundled together at no extra cost, fine.
    > Just don't bother to install the dialer. Do what Bob said and you'll
    > be set to go.
    > The drivers are free at

    Excellent! I jost got the USB drivers and I'm moving on to actually
    trying them after I get home from work. From reading the FD docs, it
    looks like even though the cable has two USB plugs, you only use one
    at a time. I'm guessing I'll use the "dialer" connector (red USB
    plug) for internet access?

    When I try #777 just from the handset, I hear a "number or code
    invalid" message. Does it work different when you're using the data

    Thanks again!

    See More: Data and A660 (VI660)

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    Desert Rat

    Re: Data and A660 (VI660)

    Oops - in reply to part of my last message, looks like I got the wrong
    cable (A500 dual connector instead of the A600).

    Back to RS!

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