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    Joe Gill

    Re: PCS Vision is a joke


    > > I was so excited about getting PCS Vision with my new phone, but it's
    > > such a retarded service. Why anyone would subscribe to it is beyond
    > > me.


    > Just yesterday, my wife went furniture shopping while I was at work. When
    > she found something she liked and wanted my input, she just snapped a pic
    > and sent it to my phone. From the time my ringer went off till I had the
    > picture on the screen is no more than 10 seconds. She could even attach a
    > short voice message with each picture. Without vision, we couldn't have
    > done this.


    Another couple examples.....

    Saturday I went used car shopping at a Dealer....
    Supposedly the car had a 'fixed' price of almost 13K with a special program
    that included select cars a special Warranty
    I used the Edmunds Used car application to calculated 'True Market Value'
    and walked out of there for 10,500 + tax ....

    For the bowl games, it came handy to track the score at those moments, when
    it was not appropriate to be watching TV..

    If you pick up people who comes in real handy... Most of the major
    airlines have a spot on the website, where
    you can get flight 'tracking' sent to the phone. Changes INCLUDING Gate
    assignment, and some even baggage area,
    are sent to the phone on a interval , you decide!

    Need to look up an address of a place....Switchboard

    Need to get a phone number... again... Switchboard and the phone number can
    be 'selected', you don't have to write it down and dial it. It's integrated.

    Planning a trip? you can get a routing at and then send the
    directions to your phone...

    If you are an "instant messenger" user there are 3 systems enabled on the
    phone now...

    Most of the YAHOO tools/features are available...

    Finally...DEPENDING on the size of data and the techniques used, you can get
    to other web sites too!

    Another Tip though: Turn NOTIFICATION ON in PCS mail.... That way you get a
    notification each time a mail(or short mail comes in !)

    See More: PCS Vision is a joke

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    John Richards

    Re: PCS Vision is a joke

    brianric wrote:
    > I can access the Internet at 145 K on my laptop with a Treo 600 and Pdanet.
    > Works for me.

    Likewise. When I have my Samsung VGA1000 tethered to my laptop,
    browsing the Internet is quite snappy. Can't say the same when using
    the phone's built-in browser. So, Vision as a data backbone is good,
    but it's implementation in some Vision phones is not so good.

    John Richards

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    Re: PCS Vision is a joke

    On Sat, 03 Jan 2004 01:56:23 -0500, Chris Taylor Jr wrote:

    > That IS an odd thing.
    > When I connect my Sayo 6400 to my Laptop I get some VERY nice speeds
    > averaging 10-11k/s
    > Pages are not speedy but they are nicely faster than a modem (downloads) lag
    > time kills page loads so its the equal roughly of a 56k connection.
    > BUT As I am assuming you referenced below Loading pages on the PHONES SCREEN
    > is HORRENDOUSLY slow. I mean tiny small under 2k pages take forever
    > sometimes.
    > I am thinking it is the phone/software (browser) and not the phone/data
    > connection.
    > Chris Taylor

    Well the problem with the phone loading is that some of the vision phones
    are put out as these next generation multimedia portables but their
    cpu/memory speeds are horribly under rated for the task. Most of the
    applications (Esp the browser) are running in a virtual machine sandbox on
    a device that is suppose to be low powered and long lived battery life. I
    can barely view some of the more feature rich pages on my sanyo 4900
    because I run out of memory before I end up closing my session. Turning
    off images helps but really cuts out on some of the content. As for
    viewing on a laptop sprint transparently re-compresses all graphics on the
    fly via transparent http proxy. Also tie in the fact you are on a
    wireless link that must first hit the towers and then hit sprints network
    over any combo of wired/wireless links before it even touches the Internet
    you will of course have a connection that seems slow when you are doing
    interactive/on demand request such as http transfers. Most people here do
    pings to keep their connections active so they would agree the avg round
    trip time is somewhere between 400-900ms. If you count in that you have to
    wait that amount of time for every step then you will notice it Of
    course once it starts streaming data back you get it at a good rate. But
    that is after you wait for a successful dns lookup to be returned, then
    wait for your connection to the remote server to be setup and finally
    request your data. I wouldn't doubt if sprint's http proxies were just a
    tadbit overloaded but they probly utilize caching features to help with
    the delays. Other applications such as ftp have these delays but their
    initial setups are much less of a burden. Unlike http links where most
    desktop browsers will open 3-4 connections to grab all images/links as fast
    as possible ftp sessions utilize only open one cmd channel and one data
    channel and after connection usually only request the directory listing of
    current working directory before handing over to the user. Oh well when I
    compare this to my old tdma dialup setup that would easily pull
    900ms-2000ms and at best would grab data equiv to a 9600baud connection I
    have to say the 7-10KB/s spike avg I Pull from sprint, which in the long
    run falls down to around 3-5KB/s, has been a much loved improvement over
    what I had at another carrier. Sure it may not be "broadband" speeds, I
    don't recall anyone refering it as such, but it is equiv to a 56-64kbit/s
    connection with the difference is that I can, and did last weekend :P,
    drive from my home in south florida down I-75 to the turnpike and finally
    onto US-1 going to key west without losing my signal.

    Oh well its late excuse my long post it has grown from a small statement
    into a 2AM time wasting excuse :P

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    Mike Ekholm

    Re: PCS Vision is a joke

    On 2 Jan 2004 19:08:13 -0800, A Student of Cornell University just had to say:

    : I was so excited about getting PCS Vision with my new phone, but it's
    : such a retarded service. Why anyone would subscribe to it is beyond
    : me.

    I find the PCS vision service very nice. I did a road trip from MN to
    IL. All the way through WI, I had PCS vision service, was able to keep
    my laptop on the net for the entire 8 hour trip.

    It is not broadband, but its better than nothing.

    -Mike Ekholm
    Mike Ekholm, UNIX Sys Admin - [email protected]
    web: ham: kc0mpu irc: Nalez
    UNIX - The Swiss army knife of software.

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