While wandering the aisles of Macworld Expo this week, I came across
Bluemobility Mac. They offer the cables, drivers, and support to
connect Macintosh computers to the wide-area data networks of the
cellphone carriers via phone+cable, PC Card, or bluetooth phones.

For phone+cable, they offer a kit consisting of the cable, the drivers,
and phone/email suppport for $125 without a phone+plan (if you already
have a phone+plan) or for $40 if you buy the phone+plan through them.
For PC Card, they offer a $125 kit of drivers and support, plus you
send them your PC Card and they "Mac-ize" it (whatever that means).

The person told me that Mac OS X works great with Sprint's network. He
was demonstrating with a tethered SPCS Sanyo 4900, a tethered SPCS Treo
600, and a Sony Ericsson bluetooth SPCS phone.

They seem to support Sprint PCS, Verizon Wireless, T-Mobile, and AT&T

See http://www.bluemobility.com or [email protected] or 866-806-8720.

I don't work for them or use their products or even have a working Mac.
I just thought I'd post it here because of all the Mac users who post
questions here asking how to hook up their Mac to their phone.

Frank Harris in San Francisco with an A620

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