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    Mail Ias
    A friend was talking to a rep at the local Sprint store yesterday. There's
    three of us who've been drooling over the Treo 600. We were hoping he could
    score a deal with this rep, someone he's done business with for a while. None
    of the local Sprint stores have the Treo 600 currently according to him. He
    was pushing the Samsung i500 and he mentioned a new PDA phone that would be
    out in February.

    He said their techs already had programming and other docs for it so they'd be
    ready, but he couldn't give any details.

    So, has anyone heard of a new PDA phone that will compete with the Treo 600
    and Samsung i500?

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    Kevin Brewer

    Re: New PDA phone to compete with Treo 600 and Samsung i500 in Feb???

    I believe form what I heard the next Samsung palm phone will have a built in
    camera and will use Microsoft explorer. I was told it would be out in Feb.
    They told me this back in Oct when I purchased the I500. I didn't want to
    wait and I purchased the I500. Overall I'm happy with it. A couple of minor
    things that the phone won't do or I haven't figured out how to do is
    download different ringers to it and i can't send and receive text messages.
    It is alot smaller than the Treo and I was told a better phone. For what
    it's worth.......................

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