This would be a plausible and workable theory.
Nextel push to talk on IDEN networks, which is already working a+ but move
all voice and phone calls and data to GSM networks. The end result even more
capacity for PTT, larger footprint, and more cellular business. And a
combined GSM & IDEN phone would quite easy to bring to market.

The hardest part would be migrating everyone, but this would not have to be
done right away.


"Steven M. Scharf" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news[email protected]
> They would not be going after AT&T unless they wanted to expand beyond

> In the past they've said that they're moving to CDMA, but have not done

> in that direction.
> If they are to move beyond being a niche player then they're going to have
> to do something to go after the non-business customers, and the only way

> do that is to offer CDMA or GSM. They can't afford to expand iDEN coverage
> across the country.

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