Thanks for your response, it verified what I have been researching.
There are rumors of a Treo 610 coming out as well as a Samsung that
are suppose to have GPS and the e911. But these are rumors. I will
wait and see. Until then i will stick with my Garmin iQue and Sanyo

Link for Treo 610 rumor:

Link for New AudioVox:

Link for New Samsung with GPS!! This one looks like a winner!

I am gonna wait!


On 16 Feb 2004 10:34:35 -0800, [email protected] (Robert Oliver) wrote:

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>> John Mosacha wrote:
>> > I want it all in one. I have the Garmin PDA with GPS and the Sanyo
>> > 8100. I am tired of carrying everything. I want a cellphone with GPS
>> > and Palm OS... I think the closest I can get is the Treo 600.
>> >
>> > Is there anything new coming out?
>> > Should I wait?
>> > Who makes the GPS interface for a Treo?
>> > Is the Treo 600 any good?

>> Yes, the Treo 600 is pretty good, though you can find the few items I
>> don't like about it elsewhere in this newsgroup.
>> Try asking your question at

>Actually, there are a couple of things to clarify here.
>First, the Samsung SPH-i500 has the e911 location services "GPS"
>functionality just like the Treo 600. There are pros and cons for both
>phones, which I won't cover completely here. For these purposes, the
>main differences are the Samsung is a smaller, clamshell phone but
>with an older graffiti (no thumboard) Palm OS (4.1) vs. the Treo 600
>which is a newer OS (5.?) "candybar" phone with a keyboard.
>However, even though both of these phones have e911 location service
>functionality, they do not have standard GPS capabilities. The
>location service implemented by Sprint to fulfill e911 location
>capabilities is indeed based on GPS, but it is "assisted" GPS. The
>"network" uses tower triangulation data combined with GPS data to
>determine the location. Thus, final GPS location is known by the
>network; not at the phone. The network would have to send the data
>back to the phone.
>Next, Sprint has made no "consumer" use of this available either on
>the network or in the phone via an API. Although other networks (AT&T
>eMode) and some in Europe have created consumer applications which
>utilize the location data, Sprint has not. Thus, right now, the
>location data is only available to 911 -- and most local 911
>installations do not yet have the equipment (or funding) to use it. So
>it's all pretty much useless right now.
>In summary, I am not aware of any Palm phone from any vendor that
>makes use of the 911 location data as a substitute for a true external
>GSP receiver.
>I own a Samsung SPH-i500. Love it. It prevents me from having to cary
>both a phone and a PDA, so that's a savings. I'm not a candybar phone
>person, and the Treo 600 is just a tad big for me. Some day having the
>GPS data in my phone will be great; I suspect it won't happen with the
>i500. Slightly better chance with the Treo 600, but I wouldn't hold my
>breath. Now, not having a 600, I could be wrong. Perhaps it's there
>already. But I'd be surprised.

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