Replies below come from a Sanyo 5300 user.

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> I just got sprint PCS with a snayo SPC-5500. I love it. I have comments
> and many questions

> ============
> COMMENTS (Sprint PCS and Sanyo Phone)
> Sprint PCS
> -too many accounts for PCS on the web site. I go online and have
> accounts for voice mail, text messaging, games, e-mail and so on. Each

> different passwords and many areas on the web site. Too confusing. They
> need to centralize them to 1 account and 1 web page.

Why did you set up so many different passwords set up? You should have no
more than two passwords, a four letter one for VM, and one to access your
vision account.

> -sometimes tough or slow to connect to internet web pages.

Make sure you aren't touching your antenna when either making calls or
accessing Vision.

> -would like to triangulate a positon for GPS. WOuld like tosee a map

> where I am at and where i am going.

E911 has the capability, but the user doesn't. And ... for all I know, there
isn't any GPS software available on the phones.

> -Web acess is too confusing. Too many links and menus and sub menus.

How confusing is it to connect to a link?

> -How about a manual that explains what is going on? It was sooooo
> basic. I have had to call costomer service 50 times and keep asking
> questions.

It's all not that difficult. Is this your first phone that can access the
web by chance?

> ---------------------
> Sanyo Phone
> -Calendar: I work freelance so I set up the calendar's holidays(red)
> for the days I work. That way I can see all the days of the month I work

> red. it'd be nice to assign tasks (like work, school, football practice)

> different colors in the calendar. Would like to see the appointments at

> bottom of the page on the monthly calendar instead of always having to go
> into the days.
> -Phone book: sweet. WOuld like the ability to set up different phone
> books(work, home, bills. I start the contacts out with a number(0-9) as a
> sorting tool. That way all of my work numbers are together and all of my
> family numbers are toegther and such.

You sound like you a wannabe list ... Maybe you should have spent more money
and went with a smart phone ...

> -Calculator: Useless.

Actually, I use mine all the time and it works quite well.

> -I would like a LCD at the top of the phone with the time and date.

> beeper had this so I never wore a watch.

Doesn't the outside display show the date and time?

> -The picture mail stuff is nice/voice memo is nice and text messaging

> nice. Throw this all in with a calendar and I wonder how I ever got along
> without it.
> -Leather case. Nice. I got one from the sprint store. It has

> on the plastic above the lcd. Can't seem to get them out sothey distory
> pixels here and there.
> -mini LCD on front should have large time and in color. Useless as it
> is especially with leather case.
> -Would be nice to use as a garage door opener or a remote for a TV


It's not an infra-red device ...

> -Would like a larger screen and full keypad. maybe have 3 screens(2
> slide out) and 3 parts to the keypad(2 slide out from underneath). I know
> ATT has a phone that pulls out to a full keyboard.
> -Would like the date to be at the top of every screen. Would like the
> top of the screen to change colors depending on what you are doing(red on
> the internet, blue on games and such)
> -firmware upgradable would be nice
> -A few more web keys: 1 for home page, 1 for erase, and so forth.
> -download MP3s
> -How about a memo area so I can write notes? an expanded to do list

> really what I'm saying.
> -How about a way to record video with the case closed and no LCD? a spy
> phone so to speak.

> ================
> -Were's the FAQ? and do I need to start one up for sprint PCS?
> -Pictures

No, but if you want to waste some time, go for it ...

> What's the resolution on pictures? On high res on the 5300 & 8100,

high res is 640x480. Not sure with the newer phones, but I'm sure your
manual will tell you.

How do you download. Can you send
> to the phone from an e-mail account? I have pictures on my pc(digital
> camera) and want to put in my phone.

Yes you can from any of the following sites ...

Or, you can check out FutureVision's SnapMedia software.

> -Ringers
> -How do I download and install. Can they be e-mailed to the phone.
> What format are they? How large are they? Can MP3s be converted over.

Same thing as above.

> -Games
> -How do I get games(free) into the phone?
> -Size limits. What are the size limits of phone or downloads? I tested

> out and anything over 12.8K will not get sent to my phone from an e-mail
> account and any attachments are not transeferred(including pictures)
> -What PC software is there? I know futuredial has some, but is there

> Can I use my phone with my home PC? It'd be nice to get rid of my home
> phone and just use sprint PCS to connect to the internet as a modem. I
> heard it's more expensive.

It is. You can tether your phone to the home PC and connect with Vision via
limited use, but be advised ... IT'S NOT THERE TO REPLACE YOUR CURRENT ISP!
If you want to get rid of your home phone, why don't you considering getting
a cable modem for your regular ISP service.

> WHERE"S THE FAQ???????????

There isn't one, save one that's been created by a troll here who has
changed identities 55 times, who misquotes everyone, lies, purposely
un-moofs email addresses so that spam bots can harvest them, and doesn't
answer directed questions at him.

If you have questions, someone in here will be happy to pipe in and try to
answer your questions.


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