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    Every once in awhile someone at Sprint will surprise you.
    The lcd screen on my N400 went out Sunday afternoon. I did nothing to
    incur such a wrath on sunday, though days earlier I had dropped it
    pretty badly.

    So I am an honest sap and realize without insurance this is either a pay
    to fix or pay for replacement. I muddle using the phone until this
    afternoon when I make it to the Sprint Service store.

    A sales guy was assisting the service counters and he instantly became
    defensive about the phone not being under warranty for the damage, blah
    blah blah. I informed him politely that I wanted in see about paying
    to have it fixed, as the cheapest phone I could buy without re-upping or
    otherwise changing was easily $150.

    Long story short, they decided based on my history as a [pioneer]
    customer and usage that they would do a swap free of charge - despite
    not having equipment insurance (which would have carried the $35 fee).
    The N400 was in stock somewhere and should be in my store thursday or
    Friday for exchange.

    I lose my downloaded info, but can easily resynch my phonebook and don't
    lose the value of my accessories. Sometimes being a good guy and honest
    comes back around :-)

    See More: followup to my broken N400

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    Re: followup to my broken N400

    If your downloads were though the Vision services, as long as the
    lisence isn't up yet, they should still be in your content manager.

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