Check the FAQ (I have been dying to say that). I am sending up version 5

"honest" <[email protected]> wrote in message
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> Hello Group,
> I don't have vision - but I have a vision capable phone (8100). I have
> read several times in this group that you will not be charged for
> sending an email to [email protected]. That is NO
> LONGER TRUE. After getting hit with .10 per message I called CS and
> found that they've changed their setup to include a charge for it (if
> you don't have vision). You can buy a bucket of 100 messages for $5.00
> if you want to shell out for it.
> If you have automated emails going to your phone from various places,
> (server messages for me...) you will be billed $.10 for each
> notification.
> Cingular is looking better now....
> Best Regards,
> Ian

See More: Heads UP - You now WILL be CHARGED for email TEXT MESSAGES. CHECK THE FAQ Ver 5!!!!