Time Warner Cable said that it may launch a wireless phone service that it
would bundle with its cable offerings. The cable service provider is
currently rolling out local phone service, as well as a VoIP phone service
called Digital Phone. Time Warner has offered local phone service in limited
areas for some time. Most insiders think that if Time Warner launches a
wireless calling plan, it will likely launch an MVNO, partnering with an
existing carrier like Sprint PCS. The Time Warner rumor is part of a telecom
industry trend in which landline telecoms, wireless carriers, and digital
cable providers are offering bundled services that combine cable TV,
broadband Internet, landline phone service, and cellular phone service in
one package. SBC Communications earlier this month launched a bundled
package that includes digital TV from the DISH Network, local and
long-distance telephone service, DSL service, and cell phone service from
Cingular Wireless.

For more on the Time Warner MVNO rumor:
- go to this piece from Dow Jones

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