If you're building your own J2ME programs (the JAR files), you'll also build
your own JAD files. But if you're hosting JAD/JAR files created by someone
else, you'll need to tweak the JAD files. NEVER change any settings in a JAD
file except the ones I list here. Several are inviolate and changing the
wrong one will cause the downloads to fail:

a.. You MUST change is MIDLET-JAR-URL which points to your web server and
where on your web server the file is stored.
b.. The CONTENT-FOLDER setting is optional. It tells the phone where to
put the download. If you use "MY JUNK" then the Sprint PCS Vision phones
will create that folder and put the download into that "MY JUNK" folder. If
you omit this setting, then files are downloaded by Sprint PCS Vision phones
to the APPLICATIONS folder.
c.. The CONENT-STOREFRONT-URL setting is optional and not terribly useful.
It tells Sprint PCS Vision phones "Where did this come from" when you go to
do "more shopping." That's so people get returned to the same location. It's
rarely used, so most people don't add this setting.

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