Vendors show more than two dozen new phones

March 22, 2004 11:02 AM EST

The world's mobile-phone makers came out swinging at the CTIA Wireless show
today, unveiling more than two dozen new phones for the U.S. market. The
manufacturers declined to provide carrier or pricing information.
Manufacturers releasing new devices today include:
Nokia Corp., which released its most advanced CDMA phone to date.

The company's new 6255 clamshell phone works on Nokia's CDMA 1xRTT chipset
and features an integrated digital camera, MMC memory card support,
streaming media capability, Bluetooth, an MP3/AAC player and an FM radio.
The phone is scheduled for sale in the fourth quarter.

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd., which introduced a stunning array of advanced
handsets including a GSM/CDMA world phone and a megapixel camera phone. The
company said most of the devices would be commercially available within a
month, while some could take a few months to be released.

The SCH-a690 is a CDMA phone that features Togabi's push-to-talk technology.

The SCH-a790 supports both GSM and CDMA networks and runs a Qualcomm Inc.
chipset. Although Samsung declined to name a carrier, Verizon Wireless has
said it will sell a GSM/CDMA world phone by April.

The SCH-a650 and SPH-a660 are CDMA handsets that support voice recognition.

The SGH-d415 is a GSM/GPRS device that features a slide-up design, color
screen and video support.

The SGH-i505 smart phone is a GSM/GPRS device that features the Palm OS as
well as a rotating screen, an embedded camera and a slot for a memory
expansion card.

The VMa680 is a CDMA camera phone and can take 15-second video clips.

And the SGH-p735 is a GSM/GPRS phone that features a 1 megapixel digital
camera as well as a rotating screen design.

LG Electronics Co. Ltd., which sought to firm up its position in the market
with the release of both low- and high-end phones for both CDMA and GSM
carriers. The company also released the U.S. industry's first CDMA EV-DO
phone. LG said most of the phones would be available within the next two

The LG8000 features CDMA EV-DO network support as well as a 1.3 megapixel
camera, video streaming support and an external USB cable.

The LG1200 is LG's first GSM device with an integrated digital camera, and
supports Java and WAP.

The LG7000 is a CDMA phone with a digital camera and video messaging

The LG5550 is a CDMA device with voice recognition.

The LG5400 supports CDMA and features an internal color screen.

The LG5225 is a dual-band CDMA phone with Java and 1MB of memory.

The LG3200 is a CDMA phone with voice-activated dialing and a color screen.

The LG3100 is a CDMA phone with text messaging and WAP.

The LG1300 is a GSM phone with Java and MMS support.

Finally, the LG4600 is a CDMA device with a color screen and voice-activated

Kyocera Wireless Corp., which introduced its 2004 product roadmap with five
new CDMA phones, including an advanced megapixel camera phone.

The Koi is Kyocera's flagship device and features a 1.2 megapixel integrated
digital camera as well as a unique flip design, 16 MB of onboard memory, 15
seconds of video recording and a new "pinwheel" user interface.

The KX1 is a clamshell phone with a new design from BMW's industrial design

The KX440 is Kyocera's new push-to-talk phone, built on the Phantom

The new Pulse and Aktiv phones are aimed at the lower-end user.


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