Over the weekend I bought and activated a sanyo 5500, which is a geat

Since I didn't have sync software, and the local sprint store could
not move the phonebook, I spent an hour or so loading numbers into it,
and then had left the old phone ( a 5400) on the charger to top off
the battery; I also mistakenly left the phone turned on ( this is a

I had noticed that witht both phones on, that both phones would
sometimes ring and receive messages, etc.

As I mentioned, the old phone was still on at my home turned on, and
the next day, I began to realize that I could not receive calls on my
new phone, which sometimes happens, anyway.---was driving me crazy,
thinking that I had a bad 5500---picked up the 5400 to change back to
it, saw that it was on, and apparently correcdtly asssumed that I had
found the problem, since as soon as I turned the old phone off the new
one suddenly began receiving calls.

I post this for everyones info, as I had not seen a confession
similiar to it.

The best part of this story, other than that it ended well, my call to
sprint c/s was the most pleasant I have ever had--I called thinking an
updated prl might help, explaining my problem, was transfred to tech
support, and the most polite lady I have ever talked with, ran every
test she could think of, and gave further advice on what to do, since
the problem was not solved, as of that time. And she thought of
everything except what was described above.

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