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> OK Bob
> Since the Treo has a small built in speaker you can listen to MP3s
> without headphones (of course its not too loud and the quality is better
> with headphones)
> The beauty of the MP3s with the TREO 600 is you can (using 3rd party
> programs ... ie lightwav 1.4) assign a Specific MP3 Ringtone And Photo
> to each caller listed in your phone contact favorites - I recorded my
> own voice (wav file) to alert me of incoming SMS and Voice mail alerts
> In conjuction with Lightwav, Pocket Tunes Plays the MP3s and/or The wave
> files
> (I'll never go back to Midis when I can hear The Rolling Stones playing
> the real thing via an MP3!)

So Chuck, are these MP3's in stereo, or mono with the headphones?


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