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    Borrowed this layout from another review.
    My last phone was a Sony Erickson the bluetooth was good but I sent it back
    Nokia 6225 after 1.5 days.

    1. Construction. Solid 9/10! Really light about 3.5 oz Feels good in the
    hand. The text on key pad a little tough to read but OK

    2. Reception. Excellent 10/10. Signal display is excellent, coming from a
    Sanyo its as good or better not one dropped call.

    3. Earpiece. 9/10. Very clear and load (slight distortion at very high
    volume but not too bad at all)

    4. Displays. 7/10 I only gave it a seven, as I would like a bigger display
    but very readable in the California sun.

    5. Speakerphone. 8/10. Its load but I would like it louder it's a bit too
    soft in the car but its loud for its size and very clear. It's a half duplex
    but you would never know it... its very good.

    6. Ringers. Bit weird but they are real loud you wont miss a call. The
    vibration is a little soft.

    7. Menus. Still learning it some nice features but very comprehensive and

    8. Keypad. 8/10.very easy to use and I like the power button.

    9. Luv the built in Radio

    Battery Life. To early to rate, but I used it for over an hour this
    afternoon and it hasn't even made a dent at least on the display so it may
    well exceed the 2.4 hours claimed (this does worry me)

    no real cool looking phone appeal, as similar looking phones have been out
    on other networks for sometime.

    Additional comments
    Best phone for its size.
    Camera, speaker, infrared, stereo radio built in and the ability to sync to
    outlook. Very easy to use and large type well designed. Excellent back up
    support from Nokia direct (I did not get this from Sanyo) I have called
    Nokia four times to date and did not have to wait more than 3 minutes for
    them to answer.

    Maybe the battery life but I could be wrong too early to tell. I may be
    pleasantly surprised and because I have the phone early most of the 3rd
    party products are not out yet even a holster (don't buy the 6200 holster it
    doesn't fit). The software to sync is not yet available (this was the main
    reason I got this phone and I will be very pi---d if its not out soon.
    Hopes this helps



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    Re: review nokia 6225

    I beleive the nokia has a infrared port. Have you used the infrared to use
    the phone as a modem on a laptop using Vision? If so, how was it?


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