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> In an ideal world, customers would be able to set up "safe" lists...

A "White List" its known as, and is simple technology, but not provided
by Sprint PCS. SPRINT PCS is sure to suffer as more folks get frustrated
by the ever increasing SPAM, and will utilize the only (current)
solution - Turn off all TEXT message reception.

And then SprintPCS loses a source of revenue.

> where only text messages coming from approved (or "known") numbers are
> allowed to be delivered to your handset. Or, that there would be
> filters set up when a *large* influx of text messages are sent at one
> time -- something text spammers have been known to do.

Allegedly Sprint PCS is setup to stop bulk emails.
> There is virtually no way that any provider can completely safeguard
> your phone number as spammers are just able to bring up a list of active
> phone numbers just as telemarketers used to be able to do.
> One thing that could be effective is if they (meaning Sprint and other
> providers) made incoming text messages free as they do with prepaid.

Or at least allow one to forward the message back to Sprint, so it could
be used as a SPAM filter template and then your account would be

> Therefore, any spam messages would merely be an inconvience instead of
> costing us money.

That would be customer friendly, and thats not SprintPCS.

> I would wait it out and see if you get any more spam text messages. I
> have yet to receive any since activating sms on my plan about three
> weeks ago.

Too late, I've turned off all messaging to my phone, and complained to
Executive Services, as in typical fashion the CSR I spoke to refused to
escalate my call, and hung up on me after 6 minutes.

> If it continues to be a problem, try executive services and
> see what they say.

Executive Services confirmed that the CSR (as is often the case) was
WRONG, and the RL2500 is not an SMS phone.