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    This FAQ is in no way authored by Sprint Spectrum, Sprint or Sprint PCS
    unless otherwise expressly noted. By reading on, you agree that you are
    fully aware of this. I see many questions asked repeatedly about rate
    plans, and thought an "Unofficial Retention FAQ" was in order. I have no
    association (i.e. never been employed or received any remuneration from
    them) with SprintPCS and there is a greater than zero chance there may
    be errors herein. My only association with SprintPCS is as a current
    customer interested in the vagarities of its policies. I believe
    everything to be correct, but use the information at your own risk. This
    FAQ comes not from SprintPCS, so it is unofficial, but apparently has
    useful information some SprintPCS apologists are upset about being made
    public, and one even threatened me with by forwarding this FAQ to
    SprintPCS legal. Haven¹t heard a peep from them in after 8 months, cause
    this FAQ is all true to the best of my knowledge.

    What about retention deals? SprintPCS wisely would prefer that customers
    not leave, its been reported it costs ~$365 to obtain a new customer in
    advertising, support, and phone price subsidies, etc.; so it behooves
    SprintPCS to try to retain customers by offering them a deal. However
    this is a murky, semi-secret, here-to-fore not fully documented process.
    Car Manufacturers often have a $1000 loyalty bonus for folks that buy a
    new car that is the same make as their existing one. Those plans are not
    secret. Sprint (I believe) could save a lot of grief and help
    themselves by switching to a single predictable advertised retention
    plan. Bonus 5% extra minutes after first year with Sprint and 2% more
    for each additional year might work. Some SprintPCS employees insult me,
    but SprintPCS does not keep secret the special deals for new customers,
    why should it keep secret the deals it has to retain customers? Ford
    doesn't. From what I have read in this newsgroup, I read about customers
    SprintPCS has lost because the customer didn't know how to get or wasn't
    offered a retention deal, that SprintPCS might have been happy to
    offer.....IF IT HAD BEEN ASKED FOR....

    FAQ on retention Deals from SprintPCS

    Who should I contact?

    Outside of a contract call CANCELLATION or go to a SprintPCS owned store
    and talk to a manger and try to negotiate a deal. The variability of
    deals is truly astounding, and while its been discussed, I'm not sure I
    or anyone else has a good handle on how to get the best deal, other than
    its a matter of luck, timing and who you negotiate with, maybe
    SprintPCS¹ policies that week, and how well you can negotiate, and your
    standing as a SprintPCS customer. Such unpredictability is the reason
    for this FAQ.

    CANCELLATION = 1-866-762-0468 recently reported as 1-866-207-7913,

    How do I negotiate?

    When buying a car, I always found the best negotiating tactic was:
    "I don't think that¹s the best deal you're allowed to offer me, let me
    go think on it.²

    What works best in negotiating with Sprint?

    So apparently with Sprint, you call Cancellation and say "I'm seriously
    considering switching to XXXXXXX Carrier because.....; are there any
    deals you could offer me to consider to stay with Sprint?" or ³my cousin
    just got a 750 Minute plan for $40/month, and I¹d like the same deal,

    In my case I said (in 2003) (and meant it) "I'm considering switching to
    Verizon as my son now has Verizon, and with their deals on 1000 Free
    Verizon to
    Verizon minutes, I'd come out ahead". (unlimted ³IN² minutes in 2004)

    A Sprint employee (Tech Geek) on 9/20/2003 posted the following
    (*****ing corrected)::

    They can't cancel you unless you tell them specifically to cancel, if you
    say you're thinking of canceling, they won't cancel you.

    How long have you been a customer? $97 per month for all 4 lines? I'm
    assuming you have 3 add-a-phones.

    Use what you know to your advantage. If your bill is always paid on
    time and in full, say that. Also, do some shopping around at the
    competitors first, if you see a better deal, write it down and who it is

    Stay calm, and be polite. If you don't get what you like, say 'thank
    you' and call back a few minutes later.

    Keep to your "I'm thinking of canceling soon" attitude. Think of
    the reasons to cancel, if you're not in a contract, then you have more

    Another Sprint employee (o/siris) on 8/7/2003 said: " Or walk into a
    store and ask about the "Handset Upgrade Program." You may be

    What retention deals are available?

    Until ~ June 2003 they offered unlimited Vision as a free bonus.
    In 2003 commonly they offered bonus anytime minutes,
    perhaps because it appears you wouldn¹t use them anyway. Sometimes you
    may get a discount on purchasing a replacement phone. As of May 4, 2004
    it was reported, the following is being offered:

    $40/750 Anytime Minutes 8pm n/w
    $50/1000 8pm n/w
    $60/1200 8pm n/w
    $75/1500 8pm n/w
    $100/1800 8pm n/w

    Am I a good candidate for a good retention deal?

    Apparently the longer you have been a Sprint customer, and maybe if
    you've never been late with a payment, and the more phones you have, and
    the more you pay per month, the better chance you have to get a good
    retention deal. It also helps to be not on contract, or in the last
    month or so of a contract, although not necessarily. Some have said
    contract status seems not to count, if you're willing to start a new two
    year contract.

    Are there any other ways to save?

    Yes! If you work for a large company, it may have a deal negotiated with
    SprintPCS that will also allow any employee to participate. These deals
    offer a discount of 5 to 27% on monthly repeating charges, and discounts
    on new equipment purchases. Further, business plans users are never
    charged "Activation" fees; and likely have a dedicated SprintPCS
    employee in the Sprint business department to handle billing problems,
    etc. These discounts would be ON TOP OF any promotional plan or
    retention plan, you would contact either your company's Sprint
    representative or the Business # 1-888-788-4727

    SprintPCS now allows any customer to get new customer deals on a new
    phone if you have been using the same phone for 18 months. You get the
    discount by rebate however.

    Some folks swear by (although others swear at) bargains obtained on eBay
    when purchasing a phone. Caveat emptor. Some folks insist one should
    only buy their phones at Costco, or a large Department Store (like Mays)
    as their ³Satisfaction Guarantee² may cover you when a SprintPCS
    warrantee might not (like with a bleeding screen).
    If you experience Dropped Calls, SprintPCS will give a credit each time
    that happens. One dials *2, enters 1 (for English) and tells Claire
    "Dropped Call Credit"; where upon with no human intervention you get a
    50 cent credit on your account.
    If you have a friend that goes with Sprint because of your discussions
    with them, SprintPCS will give you a referral credit of $20, limit one
    per month. Only in the first 2 months of new account. Dial #REF

    May 4, 2004
    This FAQ is based on my experiences and opinions and the reported
    experiences of others as posted in this newsgroup. Always go by the
    latest dated FAQ and ignore all earlier ones. SprintPCS is free to
    change its policies at any time, and I make no guarantee as to what will
    happen if one seeks a retention plan, and cannot be held responsible for
    your results. I believe it would serve SprintPCS better if it were not
    secretive about these plans, and view this posting as helpful to Sprint.
    I welcome ===constructive=== criticism and additions.

    Personal insults addressed to the author will be ignored.

    Someone has the notion that availing oneself of these
    opportunities is "Stealing" from SprintPCS or ³Abusing² the system.
    Hardly. You won't be holding a gun to their head, just asking for deals
    that not everyone knows about. Sprint wouldn't give you a retention deal
    if you weren't eligible and they didn't want you to have it. In many
    cases they are just adding Plan Minutes that they reasonably expect
    won't be used anyway. But I like having extra minutes I don't use so I
    don't have to carefully track my usage. If you're the type that insists
    on paying full sticker price every time you buy a car, then maybe asking
    for a Retention plan is not for you.


    P.S. Earthlink does similar things, the group that gives credits or
    discounts is called their "Saves" group.

    See More: Retention Plans FAQ - SprintPCS

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    Re: Retention Plans FAQ - SprintPCS

    Veldy doesn't like the FAQ??

    He has a lot of time trying to being the moderator of all of USENET, huh?

    Such egomania.

    He should decide what people can read about SprintPCS ??

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