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    > >> Treo 600 owners on the SprintPCS network are the first to have access to a
    > >> free upgrade for their PDA phones, PalmOne announced today. Details at
    > >>

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    > > I'd call that an update (to 1.12 firmeware). Upgrade might be
    > > a deal on a Treo 610.

    > Actually, it's 1.20 firmware.
    > One thing I like: It's no longer echoing the password characters to the
    > screen when you are unlocking the phone. Duh! 8-)

    The webpages for the Update, call it an Update. I guess you didn't read

    but only the SprintPCS link is alive:

    and it lists the following improvements in the Vresion 1.2 Firmware

    Benefits of the software update include:
    = The palmOne POP3 email client has been incorporated into the Sprint
    ROM. The client has been preconfigured for the Sprint PCS POP3 settings.
    = The browser now supports playback of voice memos that might be
    received with incoming Picture Mail messages.
    = The browser now supports playback of inline MIDI ringtones.
    = The SMS application now supports Message Priority so that users can
    assign high or low priority to all outgoing messages. Additionally, all
    incoming messages now display high or low priority.
    = The audio-quality reliability is enhanced.
    = The palmOne car kit now is supported.
    = Browser has been improved to better handle redirect links used in
    conjunction with the Sprint download service.
    = Software now reflects the new name of our company - palmOne.

    Also nice is that both Windows and Macintosh versions of the updater are
    available with full installation instructions.

    a special caveat is at the side, that I would suggest should have been
    made a click through item:

    Users of some email or calendar programs, such as PCS Business
    Connection, should write down their setup information (passwords,
    username, server information, etc.) PRIOR to running this updater. Some
    programs do not backup setup information during the HotSync process and
    will require you to re-enter this information after the update. If
    you're still having trouble getting your email, please contact Sprint or
    your wireless email vendor.

    They have a troubleshooting FAQ with 9 known issues for updating. OUCH.

    See More: SprintPCS users first for free Treo 600 update

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    Re: SprintPCS users first for free Treo 600 update

    Its an update, not an upgrade.

    The website is even labeled UPDATE.

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