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    Guest never works for me. does it for anyone else?

    On 14 May 2004
    23:32:23-0700 [email protected] (Mario) wrote:

    > For real time stock quotes on my cell phone, I found
    > a website,
    > you just send an sms email with the stock symbol and it
    > sends back the quote.
    > So far they don't charge for this service.
    > Cheers,
    > Mario
    > From: Jon Clark ([email protected])
    > Subject: Re: SMS-- Does anyone get CNN/Stock Quotes/ Sport Scores on SPCS
    > Phone?
    > Newsgroups: alt.cellular.sprintpcs
    > Date: 1999/06/21
    > try
    > This used to be Omnibrowse - they have sme basic services that might have
    > some of what you are looking for. In the fall or winter, Sprint claims they
    > will have services that deliver this info to your phone - more like the
    > passive "mail drops" that some alpha pagers provide, rather than the active
    > SMS messages you get via e-mail and the like.
    > Regards,
    > Jon Clark
    > [email protected]
    > paulz28 <[email protected]> wrote in message
    > news:[email protected]
    > > x-no-archive: yes
    > >
    > > Just got SMS activated in SoCal--Yea! It's been a long wait. I'd like
    > > to get CNN Headlines/Stock Quotes/ Sport Scores delivered to my Sprint
    > > PCS phone.
    > >
    > > It seems that alphpagers easily can get such daily info, but it's not as
    > > ez to get it delivered to a PCS phone. Don't want to pay over $15/month
    > > for the delivered info.
    > >
    > > Hopefully in the future, SPCS will partner up with a provider of such
    > > services, so SPCS subscribers don't have to outsource for it.
    > >
    > > Can anyone recommend where to go for what I am looking for?
    > >
    > >
    > > Thx!
    > >
    > > pz

    See More: Rre: SMS-- Does anyone get CNN/Stock Quotes/ Sport Scores on

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    Re: Rre: SMS-- Does anyone get CNN/Stock Quotes/ Sport Scores on

    [email protected] (R=F8bert=A0M) wrote:
    <<Just so you remember that SprintPCS does charge for SMS messages. >>

    They do charge for them unless you are on a Vision plan and have
    specifically asked for SMS messaging to be added to your account. If
    you have Vision, you get 100 messages (sent/received) free, and then its
    10 cents per message after that. For $5, you can add unlimited SMS
    messaging to your Vision plan. I do think you have to call and activate
    SMS messaging on your plan regardless to get the 100 free messages per
    month since it is a special add on to your plan.

    If you do not have Vision, each message sent or received is 10 cents...
    $5 for 100 messages or $10 for unlimited.


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    Re: Rre: SMS-- Does anyone get CNN/Stock Quotes/ Sport Scores on

    [email protected] (R=F8bert=A0M.) wrote:
    <<Yes, but one can quickly generate hundreds of SMS messages by being
    notified 20 days a month hourly. Just one stock would generate 140
    messages. >>

    Well then the unlimited SMS package ($5/month for Vision customers,
    $10/month for non-Vision users) would come in very handy. I am actually
    impressed with Sprint for this pricing... while I think $5 is a little
    expensive for just 100 messages (for non Vision users), the option to
    add unlimited messages for a base price is great. I don't know any
    other provider to offer this beyond a one or two month signup promotion.


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