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> <<Just so you remember that SprintPCS does charge for SMS messages. >>
> They do charge for them unless you are on a Vision plan and have
> specifically asked for SMS messaging to be added to your account. If
> you have Vision, you get 100 messages (sent/received) free, and then its
> 10 cents per message after that. For $5, you can add unlimited SMS
> messaging to your Vision plan. I do think you have to call and activate
> SMS messaging on your plan regardless to get the 100 free messages per
> month since it is a special add on to your plan.
> If you do not have Vision, each message sent or received is 10 cents...
> $5 for 100 messages or $10 for unlimited.

Yes, but one can quickly generate hundreds of SMS messages by being
notified 20 days a month hourly. Just one stock would generate 140

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