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    Røbert M
    In article <[email protected]>,
    "Elmo P. Shagnasty" <[email protected]> wrote:

    > In article <[email protected]>,
    > "Bryan" <[email protected]> wrote:
    > > I currently have a LG 5250, little over 2 yrs old. I don't use it much, but
    > > lately it's been acting up a bit, the volume drops to almost nothing, ringer
    > > & earpiece, it locks up where the only way to get it back is remove the
    > > battery. So I went by a Sprint Store today to see what they suggest,
    > > download new software, whatever. Guy disappeared for a few seconds and came
    > > back and said it's out of warranty, you can buy a new one, you qualify for
    > > the up to $150.00 with 2yr contract.
    > >
    > > I guess the Samsung is a camera phone, if I get one of these new phones,
    > > that are vision and/or picture, will I have to change my current $30/300 min
    > > basic plan?

    > He's trying to get you a cheap/free phone by signing you up for a new
    > plan.
    > Notice those two important words: "new plan".

    What about "New for you"? Or is the rep just trying to get a commmission?

    Or buying a refurb, or an eBay phone???

    > You can't renew your plan for 2 more years

    Absolutely he can ! ! !

    > you can only contract for
    > something that they offer today. So, you'd be looking at whatever plans
    > they sell right now. That may or may not include the plan you're on.
    > Or the plan terms might have changed. Read everything. But whatever
    > you read, make sure you understand that it's the plan they're offering
    > currently.
    > They cannot sell you a new contract based on your old plan, if your old
    > plan is no longer a product they sell.
    > You can buy a phone outright, if you like. It's no big deal.
    > Look: the only reason they're trying to get you into a contract is
    > because they think you don't want to spend serious money on a phone just
    > to service your existing plan. The store employees are brainwashed into
    > assuming, without asking, that you want a cheap/free phone--so they come
    > out of the gate with "we can get you this one cheap/free, just sign
    > here" and next thing you know you've signed up for a new contract for
    > whatever is the latest product they're offering.

    See More: Replacement Phone, and will it change my plan?

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    Røbert M

    Re: Replacement Phone, and will it change my plan?

    In article <[email protected]>,
    "Bryan" <[email protected]> wrote:

    > I still haven't taken the time to actually call Sprint, but from reading
    > online to do practally anything but talk reqires a vision
    > plan(option/upgrade). Ringers, games, etc apparently cost per download on
    > top of the price paid to have vision, is that right? And only good for 3
    > months? I hope that's wrong. And I guess if I were to get a camera phone,
    > you have to pay something extra to get the pictures off the phone, weather
    > in a $15 vision plan, or a $5 piucture plan. No option of USB, etc?

    The rule now is that if you want the $150 rebate on a new Vision phone,
    you must take Vision, 2 year contract and a plan of $35 or over. If you
    have a $30 plan and $15 Vision, then you must keep the Vision for the
    rebate to be valid.

    To get around that.

    - Buy a non Vision phone - only Nokia 3588i and Motorola V60v currently
    offered. OR

    - Buy a used phone on eBay (maybe a Sanyo RL2000 or RL2500 ) OR

    - Call up Retention and let them talk you into staying a SprintPCS
    customer. has the phone #.

    > I guess I have an option of doing a phone swap right? I guess called ESN
    > change or something like that.

    Luckily SprintPCS has stopped charging for that.

    > So I could find a cheap ebay (other place)
    > phone and swap it for my failing 5250? Any sugestions? I got the 5250 to
    > replace a samsung 8500, that I thought was freaking out, but I think it was
    > just a bad ciggarette lighter connection.

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