I had been doing it not the preferred way (but the expensive way). Using
SnapMedia or Datapilot on my Sanyo 5400 and then 7300, with a USB cable
only a small portion of memory is available for PCSync downloaded files
(200K ?). Three Ringers (max 20K each), 7 Pictures max., those numbers
may vary with other phones. Neither Susteen or Futuredial is honest
enough to tell you those limitations unless you specifically ask (who

Getting it over the Internet (from your own website) or from a site like
3gupload.com, those Sanyo phones have 800K of memory (if one deletes all
the demo software it comes with), allowing a giant number (possibly over
100) of ringers and/or pictures/screen savers or games, or a few large
files; I have a whole movement of a Classical piece I love (still under
100 K in midi, but way more than the 20K limit of SnapSync).

Moral. For downloading ringers, pictures, games, get your 2 Free Months
of Vision, and visit one of the many free or low priced sites on the web.
More pictures, ringers, games, at less expense!

SnapMedia and Datapilot are too expensive for what one gets (IMHO).

SnapSync and Datapilot may be useful if you have 100's of contacts to
move from an old phone to a new phone, but then a new phone, may not
have a module for it yet, and not work with your software. I had ~ 40
contacts, so I took 30 minutes and re-entered the contacts, which gave
me a chance to update the information.

P.S. Vision has dozens of services available for a monthly fee. Weather,
Sports, Soap Operas, etc, etc. It's easy to see why SprintPCS pushes

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