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    Bob Smith

    "Marshall Karp" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > I will be going to the Cayman Islands Monday July 5 for a week. Will my
    > Sprint PCS service work there?
    > Thank you.

    Well, yes and no. No SPCS coverage. There is roaming coverage through, on
    the 800 Analog freq. You will need to call SPCS to get international roaming
    authorized on your account. Here's a site with a bit more details, including
    the telephone number to call. .

    When I was there, it cost $1/min. to call locally. Don't remember what the
    additional expense was to call back to the states.

    As you will have analog coverage, take an extra battery with you, if you
    have one as analog roaming uses a lot more energy that being on SPCS's


    See More: Cayman Islands

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    Re: Cayman Islands

    $3 plus /minute to call back to the States

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