4th Amendment defiled by Patriot Act wrote:
> I have a motorolla T8367 (talkabout) trimode phone that I bought about
> 3 1/2 years ago, I haven't used it for about a year and a half now.
> Basically after my 2 year sprint contract was up, I jumped ship and
> went to verizon, bought a new phone, new number. the whole thing.
> Now the problem, My wife is on a different verizon plan, and she just
> managed to lose her phone, she's still on contact, and they want about
> $150 to replace the phone. I KNOW my T8367 can function quite nicely
> on the verizon network, but I need to get it unlocked so she can have
> it activated on the Verizon network and she can use it for her phone
> for the rest of her contract.
> How can I get the T8367 unlocked so my wife can use it with her
> verizon service?
> Please e-mail a reply

I have one sitting here that I switched over myself.


You can put the Motorola T8367 into test mode to view and change the
code and lock code. Do not mess around with other settings!

To enter test mode, press:
FCN, 0, 0, *, *, T, E, S, T, M, O, D, E, STO
You will then see a US ' prompt.

Enter 5506#

The phone will display the security code. Change it to the default by
entering 000000, then press STO. The ' prompt will reappear.

Next enter 5507#

The phone will display the lock code. Change it to the default by
entering 123, then press STO. The ' prompt will reappear.

Finally enter 01#. The phone will reboot and return to normal mode.
You can now access all of the StarTAC's security settings using the
default security code 000000.

Now call Verizon and do an ESN change on your wife's phone number. They
might ask what kind of phone it is. Just tell them it's a StarTac 7868. They
will tell you to do a *228 option 1 to program the phone. You might need to
try *22801, *22802, *22803 and so forth to get the phone to hit a Verizon
tower to get the phone programed.
Do this before calling so you will know what to dial before you get them on
the phone. If you don't want to call it in, change the ESN by logging into
your account and do it yourself.

See More: Using a Motorola T8367 on verizon (was SPCS)