Quest sells vision on their plans, but which ones will work tethering
to laptop? Which are easiest? Avalable, and cost effective?
I found a connectivity kit for the nokia, but software makes no mention
of supporting the 3586i which I have.

The phones they offer are:
Kyocera KE414 BrowseNowTM and two-way text messaging
Kyocera SE44 speakerphone
Nokia 6225 Speakerphone camera infared fmradio
Nokia 3586i text mess
Motorola 60s speakerphone text mess fmradio
Motorola T731
Motorola C343
Sanyo 8100 3-G Camera usb interface&pc synchro

They didn't know about Sprint's curtailing of the tethering internet
connection. They thought it was unlimited. Maybe it is until Sprint
yells at them too.

Got any ideas?

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