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> skankin wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > I just bought the tre 600 and g1000 I am having some issues with the
> > 600 first it would shut it self off while I am on the phone and
> > restarts (I am not even talking about lost calls which is a lot more
> > frequent then my 8100) the second problem is that on my display it
> > gives me the option to "cancel spkr" but its not on speakerphone mode
> > and I can't seem to cancel it so now I don't have the option to
> > utilize the speakerphone, any help would be appriciated.
> >
> > Thanks
> >
> > Skankin

> Have you installed any unusual Palm software on the Treo? If not, and
> you have a very vanilla configuration, you may need to use the warranty
> -- and straightaway.
> Here's the test:
> Synch your Treo.
> Hard reset it by holding down wireless mode switch while pushing the
> reset microswitch;
> Upon completion of reset, BEFORE you re-synch, bring up wireless mode
> and see if you still have these problems.
> If your problems disappear with a hard reset, you may have installed
> some problematic software.
> If they are still there, use your warranty!

Go visit the faq page on treocentral.com. It answers lots of questions.
The discussion groups there go into much more specific information than you
will find here.

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