Well, I once again have been bamboozled. A few months ago, I needed a new SPCS phone, and
asked you all what to get. From the response, I settle on the Sanyo 5300 and went to the
local SPCS store to buy one.

When I got there, I was very impressed with the SCP-7300 which was purported to be the
'ruggedized' version of the SCP-5300 or some such.

It definitely looked study with it's rubberized grip and what looked like riveted construction.

Well, shame on me for believing the hype. The other day while I was sitting in a meeting,
boredom overtook me and I started poking at one of the "rivets" with my mechanical pencil.
Much to my disbelief, the little shiny silver "rivet" popped right out of the hole that it
was in and onto the conference room table.

Upon inspection, the "rivet" was nothing more than a electroplated plastic disk that was held
in place with adhesive.

Boy did I feel stupid. I guess I should have realized that the phone probably was no more
rugged than the standard model, since they both were the same price.

To it's credit, I must say that this phone has held up better than my previous phones as far
as scratches and marring goes; unfortunately, it is just as susceptible to water damage as
any other SPCS phone that I've owned.


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