I'm getting ready to upgrade from my aging Sanyo 4500, and I'm very
interested in being able to sync my contacts with my Mac (Entourage, which
can export vCards).

Up till now I've been waiting for the next Treo model, but I'm growing
somewhat disenchanted with its size.

In researching phones (which is a largely unfulfilling process), I started
from the most logical -- Sanyo phones (as I've always been happy with the
4500). At least two, the RL-4920 and the PM-8200 mention:

- Add, edit or delete contact entries with the phone or with
Sprint's Web-based directory

Can someone tell me how this works? Can the web-based directory import my
contacts? What other phones support this feature?

Any other advice for me? What other options do I have for importing contacts
from my Mac? I'm well aware of the sad state of Bluetooth, but that's not a
problem as I don't currently have Bluetooth hardware (although I'd get it
for the right phone).



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