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    Notan wrote:
    > I recently moved from one state to another and decided to
    > change my Sprint PCS phone number.
    > After speaking to CS, and going through a relatively painless
    > process, I thought all was good.
    > I was wrong.
    > I just received an e-mail, reviewing my services. It seems
    > that, in changing one's number, all services revert back
    > to one's "basic" plan. All "bonuses" are stripped, and, to
    > add insult to injury, you're automatically signed to a one
    > year contract.
    > While they're supposed to tell you this, up front, the CS
    > Rep., that I spoke to, didn't.
    > After dealing with the folks at Retention, I managed to reclaim
    > the services that I "lost," but not before having to agree to
    > another contract.
    > While Sprint happens to have very good coverage in the areas
    > that I frequent, and the minutes/charges are better than any
    > other carriers, I'm left with a very bitter taste in my mouth.
    > Notan

    Uhhh, that was supposed to be "FOREWARNED."


    See More: PCS number change? BE FORWARNED!

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    Re: PCS number change? BE FORWARNED!

    Also be aware that a number change can result in problems with your
    service such as roaming authentication, picture mail, PCS e-mail,
    callers getting a "temporarily not in service" message when calling
    you, etc. Hopefully your MSID and MDN are still the same number.

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