Ok back when my Motorola Time port was new , I thought I had it made
I could sync my phone to my PC ( with the included cables and software
) and to my Palm Vx with a little more work. I would sit on the sand
on a nice day on South Beach send E-mails or Send instant Messages
from the palm Version of AIM . It's funny that now 5 years later I
see that advertised as a " new " phone option , but that's not really
my point here . It seemed cool for a while but I started to become
aware of just how limited it was when I tried doing more useful tasks
.. I was never able to enter secure sites and pay my bills for instance
or view any Web mail from earthlink or hotmail or any other email only
from sprintmail . After dozens and dozens of technical support emails
and calls to palm software folks and as many to Sprint , a Sprint Tech
finally told me that it was ( if I remember correctly ) because the
sprint wireless internet was not a true POP server and he actually
begged me to complain to Sprint to change it . I lost interest in it
after that and dropped my WirelessWeb sevice . About a year ago I
needed my Timeport replaced and not even was a refurbish one
available so they stuck me with a Samsung ( a poor timeport knock off
) I could not believe how difficult Sprint made finding the proper
sync cables for this phone would be , and all I wanted to do was sync
my phone book I wasn't interested in wireless web .
Now jumping ahead to the present day I'm looking at the Treo 650 and
all these thoughts come back . So the 650 wont work as a modem ? and
even if it did it's probably as limited or more so then 5 years ago .
Also I heard that another phone service provider does not allow you to
dirrectly upload pictures and video directly from phone to PC and
you have to connect through the wireless sevice , is Sprint like
this too ? and just how long of a call does it take to upload a twenty
second video ? this is nothing short of robbery . I think putting a
phone inside of a palm device might be the best way to break something
that isn't broken . Perhaps some other folks my want to join me in my
boycott of all these " new " phone features .

dennis miller

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